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Name: Jos Worth
Born: Hammersmith
Position: Associate Consultant

Why recruitment?

Good question! I had previously worked in phone-based roles, and I really enjoyed speaking with people daily. I also have a couple of friends who work in recruitment, and it sounded like a genuinely interesting and rewarding career.

Were you talking to other agencies?

I was indeed. I had several conversations that resulted in offers, but after Nick reached out to me and I met Chris – I was pretty set on CT19.

It was interesting timing. I had been looking for a role for quite a while, and I was at the point where I was happy with the opportunities that I was pursuing, I even stopped taking calls from recruiters (Ironic!)

Nick reached out – the rest as they say is history!

Why CT19?

After talking with Nick & Chris I realised that it was the right choice for me.

The sector that CT19 recruit into is particularly interesting. Recruitment is about helping people but helping to build companies that are positively contributing to society is an added bonus.

So we’re coming to the end of the 7th month, positives and negatives?

I’ve really enjoyed the variety. I have worked on a number of different roles, people with different skillsets/background and I’ve enjoyed it all. The key frustration is rejection, and learning how to do deal with it. At the start you believe that every CV will turn into a placement, but I’ve learnt to manage those expectations now!

Tell us about Jos outside of work?

I am very passionate about sport, football in particular. When I was younger, I played to a reasonable level, but not so much these days. Away from sport, I love the outdoors in general…I am a keen gardener! I also love animals, and I have a pet corn snake!

What do you want to achieve over the next 5-years?

I guess lots of people would say ‘to build and manage a team’, but I am not particularly interested in managing a team right now, I would like to work my way to Senior Consultant and be respected by my colleagues, clients and candidates.

Outside of work – I’d love to get a Chelsea season ticket!

What advice would you give to someone considering a career recruitment?

Just go and do it. Find a sector that you enjoy working in, you have to speak to people all day every day – so you need to be interested in what you’re talking about.