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Connecting talent with opportunity

CT19 are experienced recruitment specialists who understand the market; our team of dedicated head-hunters offer unparalleled experience and market knowledge.

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Our industry expertise


We have partnered with some of the most exciting early stage companies looking at personalised medicine and early stage disease detection.

Medical Devices

We offer a unique opportunity for clients to partner with us as we cover the full product life cycle.


Partnering with early-stage and established companies, working on the journey from discovery to manufacture.

Chemicals & Renewables

We have ensured that we are able to support in all areas of your business.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a profound and positive influence on individuals’ lives by forging connections between exceptional talent and promising opportunities. Our recruitment process, characterized by its integrity, transparency, and ethical approach, embodies our commitment to this endeavour.

We are dedicated to nurturing enduring partnerships with both esteemed industry experts and forward-thinking hiring enterprises. By immersing ourselves in their needs and aspirations, we diligently comprehend the essence of finding the perfect synergy between remarkable talent and inherent value. Our aspiration is to ascend as the ultimate destination, the quintessential partner sought by discerning clients and accomplished candidates alike within this dynamic and thrilling industry landscape.

Empowering Lives Through Purposeful Connections

Our unwavering mission revolves around enriching lives by facilitating meaningful connections between exceptional talent and transformative opportunities. Grounded in meticulous management, unwavering honesty, and an unyielding commitment to ethical practices, our recruitment process embodies the very essence of this noble pursuit.

We are dedicated to cultivating enduring bonds with both seasoned industry stalwarts and visionary hiring entities. Imbued with an innate understanding of their unique needs and aspirations, we embark on a journey to seamlessly fuse exceptional talent with intrinsic value. Aspire to become the undisputed cornerstone, the definitive partner sought by astute clients and accomplished candidates alike within this dynamic and exhilarating industry domain.

At CT19, our dedication is unequivocally directed towards a consultative, crystal-clear, and deeply personal approach to the recruitment voyage.

Why CT 19?

We stand as a nimble and bespoke agency, poised to deliver an unparalleled recruitment journey characterized by positivity and excellence.

To us, elevating an organization goes beyond the mere mechanics of forwarding resumes, orchestrating interviews, and clinching placements. CT19 embodies a commitment to impart value through a comprehensive package.

Expect not only a reservoir of top-notch candidates but also a wellspring of pertinent market insights and meticulous salary benchmarking. Our approach revolves around enriching your experience by providing a holistic perspective.

We firmly believe that effective recruiters don’t merely match names to positions; they immerse themselves in understanding your enterprise and skilfully represent

your ethos. We’ve learned firsthand the repercussions of subpar recruitment, witnessing the dire consequences it inflicts on businesses. This realization fuels our dedication at CT19 – we collaborate with you to ensure that both client and candidate find satisfaction, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

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Our recruitment services

We offer a personalised service specifically designed to enable you to find the solution you need for your recruitment needs. We are here to assist you with any recruitment campaign, whether your business requires a scaling up strategy or you need an urgent replacement, we’ve got it covered!

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Contingency Search Excellence: Embracing Permanence & Flexibility

Whether your aim is to onboard an individual talent or assemble an entire team, CT19 stands ready to offer an unrivalled recruitment experience. The moment our collaborative journey commences, you’ll immediately encounter a realm of elevated communication, unswerving transparency, and a superior calibre of introduced candidates. Our dedication is resolute: to secure nothing short of the ideal match for your business, embodying a commitment to precision and alignment.

Revolutionizing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In a departure from the conventional approach, CT19 introduces a transformative spin on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Our exclusive partnership entails a reduced fee, while also unveiling a unique commitment: our physical presence at your company premises for one day per month or quarter. This strategic immersion empowers us to delve into your requisites, intricacies of culture, and foster connections with hiring managers, thus cultivating a holistic perspective that paves the way for unrivalled results.

Elevated Executive Search Expertise

Steering through the realm of C-Suite and Director-level roles across the UK, US, and EU. CT19 boasts a wealth of experience that transcends borders. Our approach to Executive Search entails a meticulous process – one that delves deep into the essence of the brief and capitalizes on our expansive network of industry luminaries. Beyond a mere selection from the readily accessible, our pursuit centres on pinpointing individuals with precision and singularity. We navigate the vast talent landscape to spotlight the right individuals, harnessing our network’s prowess to target candidates that perfectly align with your needs.

Transparent Fixed Fee Search Solution

Discover the simplicity and transparency of our pricing model, designed to empower you in precisely allocating your recruitment budget. What sets us apart from the ordinary is our unique approach – when you opt for our fixed fee search, not only do we offer a reduced rate, but we also extend the rebate period. This means you not only save more but also gain an extended window of assurance.

What Our Customers Say

We can tell you about the amazing things we can do for your business, but we think our customers can tell you better. After all, what they think is what really matters.

Simone – Computational Scientist

Nick was extremely helpful - he suggested an opportunity that fit my talents and followed me through it until I actually managed to land the job! He was always very helpful and supportive, timely organising the meetings and communicating often with both me and the employer.

Silvia Correia - HR Business Partner @ Nuclera

Sebastian is very helpful and supportive. He was very patient, personable, and attentive through my recruitment process. Sebastian was always available for any questions and ready to help. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Aqilah Zahudi – Senior UX/UI Designer @ Nuclera

It’s been a pleasure working with Sebastian these couple of weeks. He had been accommodating in providing every information required throughout each interview process. He was quick in responding to any emails and provided suggestions whenever we faced an issue to meet mutual understanding. I was very happy with outcome of my employment offer.

Kelvin Leung - Senior Mechanical Design Engineer @ Nuclera

Sebastian was a job agent for one of the roles, he is exceptional, willing to go the extra mile unlike most others I've encounter, doing follow-ups, accommodate candidate requests and willing to put forward a case to the company (& vice versa) for the benefit and future progression of both the candidate and the company he represents. Detailed, understanding, good communicator, a person you could reason with, who genuine care for both parties.

Blanka K - Application Development Scientist

Chris reached out to me via LinkedIn with a job proposition. He was very supportive throughout the whole interview process and informed me of all there was to know about the company. He always explained in detail what was expected of me at different steps of the application and he also made sure to contact me prior to each discussion I had with the company. He is very easy to talk to and I really felt taken care of. I can truly recommend him as a recruiting agent.

Litzi Q

I've worked with my fair share of recruitment consultants in my time, however, none of which have been as attentive, considerate and dedicated as Chris. He is an absolute joy and pleasure to speak to and very knowledgeable. His expertise has helped me through my most recent career search and landed me a very successful role, which I'm delighted to start within the upcoming weeks. If you are considering changing roles or looking for something completely new, I highly recommend that you speak to Chris.

James C - Production Engineer

Chris was extremely professional throughout the entire recruitment process with clear, frequent and helpful communication. He puts in the extra effort at every step and for that I am grateful to have had Chris on my side. I would highly recommend him.

Kayan – Research Associate

Nick was greatly helpful in my switch over to an innovative biotech spin-out. He has connections to many great biotechs and bioscience companies. He was always happy to discuss my concerns; and was proactive with sorting out the admin, which made my life much easier. Would recommend him to others looking to make a switch in the bioscience space.

Josh C - Continuous Improvement Engineer

Chris was a great help with my application and guiding me through the process. Chris communicated everything really clearly and helped prepare me for a phone and face-to-face interview. Chris was also very easy to get in touch with whenever I had any questions or queries. Thanks for your help!

Kareem Muhssin - Research Associate (Protein Science) @ Nuclera

I have nothing but positive things to say about Sebastian. It's rare to be contacted by a recruiter who knows exactly how your strengths can be utilised. Thanks to Seb's input, I was able to successfully land a fascinating research position with an excellent salary to match. The gold standard for recruitment, as far as I'm concerned!

Sunidhi Shetty - Assay Development Scientist @ Nuclera

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sebastian as a candidate for a new job opportunity. Sebastian is a proactive recruitment consultant. He was in constant contact throughout the process, right from the initial opportunity to preparing for the interview process and providing ongoing support. Sebastian is professional, focused, respectful, and genuinely interested and goes the extra mile to help you with everything you need. I wholeheartedly recommend that you contact and work with Sebastian when looking for your next job opportunity.

Kavita Tiwari - Assay Development Scientist @ Nuclera

Seb has been fantastic to work with. Seb is just outstanding at his job. I have been consistently impressed with Seb's proactive and supportive attitude and it is something which I will always remember. He kept in contact with me throughout the recruitment process always giving solid and useful advice. Seb used to call me regularly to update me on my application at Nuclera and to see how each stage of interview went and was prompt in following up. Within two days, I had the job offer. This is all down to his highly approachable and professional nature. He is also very thorough and helpful and has your best interests in mind. Many many thanks for that Seb. I highly recommend Seb and would want to work with him again.

Marie Norden - Office Manager at Lombard Medical Limited

Lombard Medical have worked with Chris to source graduate engineers for our business. After recruiting an excellent graduate in 2018, there was no question of who to talk to when I was looking for two further grads this year. Chris was quick to understand the brief and our requirements, providing a number of candidates. To say we were spoiled for choice is an understatement! Chris' communication is a perfect balance of friendly and understanding whilst keeping progress on track for the business and the candidates too. Hiring just as Covid-19 took a turn in the UK, Chris continued to keep communication lines open with all parties until we managed to get everyone on board and beyond. I don't like pushy recruiters and never get that feeling with Chris, it's nice to catch up even when we don't have any business requirements. Highly recommended to help you find a perfect fit for your business.

Andreas Waeber - Microfluidics Engineer @ Nuclera

Sebastian has accompanied the recruitment process for my current role from start to finish. I appreciated his proactive and diligent approach, which allowed for a fast progression from first interview to successful conclusion. Throughout the process, he was transparent and communicated clearly, was quick to follow up without rushing. He is an asset to his company, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Pieter Guichelaar - VP Manufacturing @ ONI

Chris is a pleasure to work with and has made a huge contribution to growing the manufacturing, continuous improvement and project management teams with me at ONI. He takes the time to really understand the role and the type of people we need to be successful.

Maede Mn - Mechanical Engineer @ Nuclera

Seb was the recruiter I worked with who helped me with my journey of employment for my new role. He was supportive and clear with suggestions and tips. He has stayed in touch and has been great with communication. I would highly recommend him for any candidate looking for a new role.

Juli M - Operations & Communications

Chris approached me in a very professional and efficient manner. After a while, he understood I was worried about being placed at a company that had nothing in common with me. To ensure me this would be a great opportunity to me, he described everything he knew about the company. Even what kind of coffee they drank in the office! I don't choose companies by the coffee they offer, but I really appreciated the honest approach. I'm very happy at my new job and I'm glad Chris is recruiting for our team. I feel like I can count on him.

Jon Armer - Director of Protein Science @ Nuclera

Seb managed my recruitment at my new role. Throughout I was kept really well informed, and he made sure I had all the information required to progress through the process. Seb has also since helped with my on-boarding and to check everything is going well. The level of contact and support was just right and is exactly what you'd want from a recruitment specialist. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Charlotte Marlborough - Graduate Engineer

Chris contacted me regarding a Graduate position and I can not recommend him highly enough. He provided me with plenty of information regarding the position and made the whole application extremely easy for me. He has been very proactive throughout the whole process and kept me informed at every stage. He was very professional and supportive throughout the application. He made a conscious effort to contact me and get a review at each stage of the process and this was greatly appreciated. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me.

Carolyn – Director of Systems Integration @ Exact Sciences

Chris and his team have been incredible to work with allowing our team to grow quickly. It’s always a pleasure to chat to Chris and he’s able to understand what we are looking for in a candidate. I highly recommend reaching out to Chris if you are a biotech company looking to expand quickly and recruiting in competitive markets

John Hinks - Protein & Enzymology Lead

Chris identified me as a potential fit for a role in an Oxford Biotech and made contact via LI. I was happy to learn more about what became clear was an exciting opportunity, neatly matching my prior experience and my ideal future direction. Chris was supportive and maintained excellent communications throughout the hiring procedure, making it a very smooth process. Chris is skilled at matching candidates to roles that best suit them and I highly recommend him to both those seeking new positions and those needing to fill them.

Sepehr Jalali - Lead Computer Vision AI Engineer @ Nuclera

It was a pleasure working with Seb on my new role as he was very helpful throughout the whole process and was always available for helpful feedback and suggestions. Whenever there was an item to discuss that he was not sure about, he would chase the matter and get back to me with more information and was very flexible in terms of accommodating changes in the process.

Morteza Ozlati Moghadam - Electronics Design Engineer @ Nuclera

Seb is really helpful and responsible, his knowledge about his job is great and always tries his best to help me as fast as possible through email or phone.

Robert Zygiel - Thin Film Deposition Technician @ Nuclera

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sebastian for the current job position I was just hired onto, as the Recruiter for said position. It was extremely refreshing talking with him over the general positions topics and requirements, along with discussing my many related job experiences for consideration. I wish the numerous amounts of interviews that I have had prior, were more comparable to the interactions Sebastian and I had! You would be hard pressed to find someone more professional and insightful, in my opinion!

Cecilia Eklund - Head of Talent at ONI

Chris always asked the right questions to truly understand our needs and business. He was unusually skilful at taking this information and the story behind the business to the market without the message being diluted, a skill I’ve rarely come across when working with external agencies. I believe it is this skill that ultimately made him so successful in finding top technical talent that also fitted with the business culture. Equally important, Chris quickly tailored his communication style and frequency to one that suited the team at ONI. Meaning minimum effort from the team to keep up to date with the candidate pipeline, feedback and next steps. This combined with an ever-positive can-do-attitude and candidate experience centric approach made the decision to ask Chris to join the team full time a very easy one!

Oliver B - Operations Manager

Chris best was my lifeline when I was screening and interviewing hundreds of people. As an external recruiter, Chris was extremely helpful, organised and positive. Out of over 20 people I personally hired, Chris placed more than half of them in my team. Chris is very passionate about people and his approach to the customer and the people he recruited was very unique in the marketplace. Chris completely understood the needs of the business, the roles and the culture. I highly recommend Chris!

Fernando Martin - Instrument Software Group Leader @ Nuclera

I have been working with Sebastian on several roles in Nuclera as a recruitment manager but also as a candidate since I first joined. He has been excellent in helping us with scheduling all the different stages of the process with candidates, managing our recruitment portal, and being very helpful for a resource and time-constrained environment like a fast-growing start-up. He differentiates himself by being honest, hard-working, and results-driven while treating candidates with respect and communicating very clearly with them; making them very engaged with the process and the company. I highly recommend Sebastian and hope he can keep helping us build an excellent team with his invaluable help.

Simon Chandler - Senior Optical Systems Engineer @ Nuclera

Seb contacted me via LinkedIn, skilfully enticed me to join Nuclera, and very efficiently managed my recruitment. He then contacted me several times to check I was settling in ok. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sebastian to help with your recruiting.

Artur – DevOps Engineer

Nick was an absolute pleasure to communicate with throughout the whole process of him recommending the role and interviewing for it. One thing that really set him apart from most other recruiters for me was that he took note of my concerns, interests and other questions I had and tried to make sure I would be a good fit for the role, and acted as a very good and prompt intermediary between me and the company i was applying to. Would recommend Nick to anyone!

Jordan Brown - NGS Associate

Chris first contacted me regarding a position that I was excited to find was a great fit for my skills and motivations. He did a great job of keeping me updated on the process, giving me the best opportunity to demonstrate my suitability for the role.

Divya B - Manufacturing Engineer

I have worked with Chris on several occasions and was one of the best recruitment consultants I have met. He kept me informed throughout the interview process and was very supportive. He provided me resources to help me with the interview and gave me a lot of information about the company and job. This is a person who will go an extra mile to get you the job you deserve. Once I had two interviews, and was running late for my second one as the first one ran a bit longer. He took his time out from work to give me a lift so that I can make it on time to the next one. It was very impressive, and not many people would have done that. He is very professional and reliable. Highly recommended.

Patrick Amodubello - Research Associate (Protein Science) @ Nuclera

Sebastian was the recruiter who helped me with acquiring my current role. He was very engaged and enthusiastic about helping me during the interviewing process, granting me a lot of advice and strategies to stand out. Even after being hired, Sebastian would regularly check on my progress and was a massive help.

Mannan Qazi - Backend Software Developer @ Nuclera

I had a very good experience working with Sebastian in helping me find a new role. He was very transparent about the position from the start, gave me a good glimpse into the company and the role. He also kept in touch with me post the interview stages and did not leave me in the dark. I would definitely recommend Sebastian to anyone looking to transition into a new role.

Jeff Wellstead - VP of People at ONI

Chris was the Talent Specialist at ONI when I joined in June 2019 and was a powerhouse recruiter responsible for the largest percentage of candidate-to-hire success stories across several functions within ONI. His speciality was in supporting our precision manufacturing and product teams - which was harder than it sounds. But he also operated successfully in EU sales, micro-fluidics, wet-lab and the photonics arena. Chris established terrific relationships with hiring managers, gathered critical role requirements and went to market with an enticing proposition - often landing great candidates within days of his outreach efforts. Chris is highly energetic, driven, passionate about his clients and candidates, very communicative and focused on strong candidate experience - whilst working hard to nail targets and keep pipeline flowing. I was lucky to have worked with him and would recommend him to others happily.

Tom H - Design Engineer

Chris was extremely helpful throughout the entire recruitment process and proactively offered help with all queries I had. Having dealt with other recruiters, his approach was refreshingly honest - Chris understood the context of my professional situation to offer genuine advice and guidance. Perfect mix of professional and welcoming!

Joshua Paolucci - Research Associate (Protein Science) @ Nuclera

Sebastian was very friendly and helpful during my application to my new role at Nuclera. As my first contact with the company, he did a lot to make me feel I would be happy there. He made me feel very welcome during every conversation we had, was flexible in organising the different interview stages, was able to thoroughly answer any question I had and gave very helpful advice for key milestones.

Graduate Engineer - Haydn Trett

Chris contacted me with a job opportunity for a graduate engineer earlier this year. At every stage in the process over the next couple of months, Chris supported my application by providing information, offering his advice, keeping me updated, and passing on feedback. His support helps make the application process so much easier, and really allows you to show the best ‘you’. He makes a conscious effort at every step in the process to see how you’re getting. Any time I had any problems or questions, Chris was always just a quick phone call or email away to help. Chris is fantastic at what he does - He’s professional, proactive, attentive and enthusiastic. I would strongly recommend him to any graduate.

Amy Lovell – Assay Development Associate

Chris reached out to me via LinkedIn about an exciting job opportunity that was well suited to my prior experience and future aspirations. He was really helpful throughout the entire process, offering advice and support, always responding quickly, and always willing to follow up with the Company. Chris was very reassuring and friendly, and I would definitely recommend him to other candidates. I am very grateful for all his help and can’t thank him enough.

Eunji Choi - Test and Development Engineer @ Nuclera

Seb is an absolutely helpful recruiter. He supported me through the entire process and kept me updated quickly with the results. Very professional, organised, and friendly. Due to his kind help, I was well prepared for all interview stages.

Kay P - Logistics Coordinator

Chris is and extremely professional and enthusiastic individual who made the interview and on boarding process extremely easy. Nothing was too much bother and he made it known that he was more than content to assist where possible, communicating every step effectively and thoroughly. Dealing with Chris has been a pleasure and has been one of the best on boarding experiences I have had to date.

Toby Ost - VP of R&D @ Nuclera

It has been an incredibly busy year with hiring at Nuclera, particularly with the Protein and Bio-focused roles. Having Seb onboard as a dedicated resource has been invaluable in powering this activity at Nuclera. Not only has Seb been incredibly successful at attracting new talent to Nuclera (placing 21 of the 28 offers we have made for scientific roles, of all levels from RA to Director), but the quality of candidates has been high, and most (only 1 exception) have survived, or are well on their way to passing, their probation periods. In addition to the talent acquisition expertise, Seb has done a huge amount of administrative legwork which has removed a huge burden from my workload, for which I am very grateful. I think this is an area that Seb was very proactive and diligent about, and although it wasn't a primary feature of the in-house recruitment partnership, I think he took the initiative to do this, recognising he could add value whilst at the same time remain on the pulse of each candidate journey through our recruitment process. I believe this improved the experience candidates felt as they engaged with Nuclera and prevented the delays and pauses that would have otherwise been encountered, things that have dissuaded candidates from joining in the past. Finally, I found Seb a pleasure to work with. His friendly demeanour is matched by his open and direct communication style. I never found him pushy, and always felt I could trust his judgement in screening suitable candidates. I found him very pragmatic, and on a number of occasions, in situations where I felt other recruiters may have twisted my arm to make a hire to earn some cash, I never felt Seb had anything other than Nuclera's best interests at the heart of his mission. I think Seb is a credit to himself and a strong asset to CT19 and has added huge value to what we do at Nuclera. I would definitely work with Seb again in the future.

Marco Manni - Assay Development Scientist @ Nuclera

Sebastian contacted me regarding a job offer from a Cambridge company. He took care of every step of the selection process by contacting the hiring manager, organizing the interview, and providing good advice. As soon as I was selected for the position, he quickly got in touch with me, giving me a lot of information and details about the company's benefits and future prospects. I enjoyed being in touch with him and I look forward to continuing to do so when I start working for the company.

Guillaume Boucher - Technical Customer Support Specialist @ Nuclera

Thanks to Sebastian’s professionalism and excellent communication skills, my experience in finding my new job was great, fast and seamless.

Tara Chegwidden - Mechanical Engineer

I would highly recommend Chris. My partner and I graduated together and were looking for jobs in the same area in similar sectors. We knew this would be a difficult task to find two jobs in close proximity to each other, relative to our degrees. Chris took our situation on board and found us multiple interviews for relevant roles in interesting companies. During the whole process, Chris was very proactive, professional and had our best interest in mind. He provided us both with a lot of advice and feedback and kept us in the loop throughout the entire process. Overall, we could not be more pleased with our experience and I would highly recommend Chris to any graduate.

Michael Lacourse - Thin Film Deposition Technician @ Nuclera

I had the pleasure of working with Sebastian in attaining my new position at Nuclera. He is extremely professional and was instrumental in making the interview process as seamless as possible. Even working across the Atlantic (and over 5 time zones) he was always attentive and punctual. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Sebastian to anyone looking to make a career change.

Eleonora Bassu - Research Associate @ Nuclera

I have had an excellent experience with Sebastian. He was consistently helpful, informative, and patient. I felt well-informed and well-supported throughout the entire process, finalizing with an offer of employment that I understood and was genuinely happy with.

Chris P - Head of Supply Chain

Excellent hiring experience with Chris. Open, honest communication throughout, and exactly the right balance of friendliness and professionalism - thoroughly recommended.

Duncan H – R&D Manager

As a candidate, I would highly recommend Chris to others. He has a very personable communication style, is very knowledgeable, supportive and quick to respond to enquiries. He was able to find me a role that perfectly aligned with my medium-long term career goals and my new employer's requirements. After receiving my new offer of employment, Chris stayed in regular contact during the interim leading up to my first day to check everything was going well. Chris is evidently somebody how cares about what he does and takes his duty of care seriously.


I recently had the pleasure of working with Sebastian as a candidate for a new job opportunity. Sebastian is a proactive recruitment consultant. He was in constant contact throughout the process, right from the initial opportunity to preparing for the interview process, and providing ongoing support. Sebastian is professional, focused, respectful, and genuinely interested and goes the extra mile to help you with everything you need. I wholeheartedly recommend that you contact and work with Sebastian when looking for your next job opportunity.

Kavita – Assay Development Scientist

Seb has been fantastic to work with. Seb is just outstanding at his job. I have been consistently impressed with Seb's proactive and supportive attitude and it is something which I will always remember. He kept in contact with me throughout the recruitment process always giving solid and useful advice. Seb used to call me regularly to update me on my application at Nuclera and to see how each stage of interview went and was prompt in following up. Within two days, I had the job offer. This is all down to his highly approachable and professional nature. He is also very thorough and helpful and has your best interests in mind. Many thanks for that Seb. I highly recommend Seb and would want to work with him again.


We have partnered with the team at e-volveHR. We aim to work in sync with Sarah, Lisa & Jess to be a one-stop-shop for all of your HR, People & Recruitment needs.

If you’d like to reach out to the team directly, please contact them via –

Meet the team

Chris Best


Chris initially chose to work within the Life Sciences and Medical Technology sector as he is passionate about healthcare and positively contributing to people’s lives. Chris has previous experience of both agency and internal recruitment, which has provided him with a real rounded understanding of what works well for clients and candidates.

Initially working for a Times Top 100 recruitment agency as the second person into the Life Science Team, Chris positively contributed to the team’s growth through his commitment to providing a best in class service.

Following a successful period of time in agency recruitment, Chris was headhunted by one of his largest clients. Perhaps due to the success of successfully providing them with 16 new and talented people for their business between March 2018 – October 2018.

This business was ONI (Oxford Nanoimaging), who are one of the fastest growing biotechnology companies in the UK, with a headcount growing from 15 to 85 in just one year (2018). In the two years that Chris has been working with ONI, he has directly hired more than 40 people into the business, an incredible achievement.

Tayla Best


Tayla has been in recruitment for the last 6-years and has built a reputation by providing a first-class service to clients and candidates alike.

In recent years Tayla has enjoyed working as a generalist recruiter, focusing on the following areas: HR, Finance, Marketing, Health & Safety and Operations.

Tayla shares Chris’ view on wanting to work with companies and people that are positively contributing to society, hence the decision to focus within this exciting sector.

Sebastian Baranski

Recruitment Consultant


Client Services Director

Nick has 10 years’ experience managing high performance technical recruitment teams. His passion is helping high potential individuals and companies achieve their goals.

Jos Worth

Associate Consultant

Mason Pearsall

Principal Consultant

Charlie Sassi-Roberts

Associate Recruitment Consultant

Grace Lewis

US Search Lead

Amy Buckley

Search Lead

If you have any questions, or aren’t sure, get in touch.

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