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Chris and his team have been incredible to work with allowing our team to grow quickly. It’s always a pleasure to chat to Chris and he’s able to understand what we are looking for in a candidate. I highly recommend reaching out to Chris if you are a biotech company looking to expand quickly and recruiting in competitive markets

Chris reached out to me via LinkedIn about an exciting job opportunity that was well suited to my prior experience and future aspirations. He was really helpful throughout the entire process, offering advice and support, always responding quickly, and always willing to follow up with the Company. Chris was very reassuring and friendly, and I would definitely recommend him to other candidates. I am very grateful for all his help and can’t thank him enough.

As a candidate, I would highly recommend Chris to others. He has a very personable communication style, is very knowledgeable, supportive and quick to respond to enquiries. He was able to find me a role that perfectly aligned with my medium-long term career goals and my new employer's requirements. After receiving my new offer of employment, Chris stayed in regular contact during the interim leading up to my first day to check everything was going well. Chris is evidently somebody how cares about what he does and takes his duty of care seriously.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sebastian as a candidate for a new job opportunity. Sebastian is a proactive recruitment consultant. He was in constant contact throughout the process, right from the initial opportunity to preparing for the interview process, and providing ongoing support. Sebastian is professional, focused, respectful, and genuinely interested and goes the extra mile to help you with everything you need. I wholeheartedly recommend that you contact and work with Sebastian when looking for your next job opportunity.

Seb has been fantastic to work with. Seb is just outstanding at his job. I have been consistently impressed with Seb's proactive and supportive attitude and it is something which I will always remember. He kept in contact with me throughout the recruitment process always giving solid and useful advice. Seb used to call me regularly to update me on my application at Nuclera and to see how each stage of interview went and was prompt in following up. Within two days, I had the job offer. This is all down to his highly approachable and professional nature. He is also very thorough and helpful and has your best interests in mind. Many thanks for that Seb. I highly recommend Seb and would want to work with him again.

Nick was extremely helpful - he suggested an opportunity that fit my talents and followed me through it until I actually managed to land the job! He was always very helpful and supportive, timely organising the meetings and communicating often with both me and the employer.

Nick was greatly helpful in my switch over to an innovative biotech spin-out. He has connections to many great biotechs and bioscience companies. He was always happy to discuss my concerns; and was proactive with sorting out the admin, which made my life much easier. Would recommend him to others looking to make a switch in the bioscience space.

Nick was an absolute pleasure to communicate with throughout the whole process of him recommending the role and interviewing for it. One thing that really set him apart from most other recruiters for me was that he took note of my concerns, interests and other questions I had and tried to make sure I would be a good fit for the role, and acted as a very good and prompt intermediary between me and the company i was applying to. Would recommend Nick to anyone!

Lombard Medical have worked with Chris to source graduate engineers for our business. After recruiting an excellent graduate in 2018, there was no question of who to talk to when I was looking for two further grads this year. Chris was quick to understand the brief and our requirements, providing a number of candidates. To say we were spoiled for choice is an understatement! Chris' communication is a perfect balance of friendly and understanding whilst keeping progress on track for the business and the candidates too. Hiring just as Covid-19 took a turn in the UK, Chris continued to keep communication lines open with all parties until we managed to get everyone on board and beyond. I don't like pushy recruiters and never get that feeling with Chris, it's nice to catch up even when we don't have any business requirements. Highly recommended to help you find a perfect fit for your business.

Chris identified me as a potential fit for a role in an Oxford Biotech and made contact via LI. I was happy to learn more about what became clear was an exciting opportunity, neatly matching my prior experience and my ideal future direction. Chris was supportive and maintained excellent communications throughout the hiring procedure, making it a very smooth process. Chris is skilled at matching candidates to roles that best suit them and I highly recommend him to both those seeking new positions and those needing to fill them.

Chris first contacted me regarding a position that I was excited to find was a great fit for my skills and motivations. He did a great job of keeping me updated on the process, giving me the best opportunity to demonstrate my suitability for the role.

Chris always asked the right questions to truly understand our needs and business. He was unusually skilful at taking this information and the story behind the business to the market without the message being diluted, a skill I’ve rarely come across when working with external agencies. I believe it is this skill that ultimately made him so successful in finding top technical talent that also fitted with the business culture. Equally important, Chris quickly tailored his communication style and frequency to one that suited the team at ONI. Meaning minimum effort from the team to keep up to date with the candidate pipeline, feedback and next steps. This combined with an ever-positive can-do-attitude and candidate experience centric approach made the decision to ask Chris to join the team full time a very easy one!

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