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What people say about us

Guillaume Boucher - Technical Customer Support Specialist @ Nuclera

Thanks to Sebastian’s professionalism and excellent communication skills, my experience in finding my new job was great, fast and seamless.

Mannan Qazi - Backend Software Developer @ Nuclera

I had a very good experience working with Sebastian in helping me find a new role. He was very transparent about the position from the start, gave me a good glimpse into the company and the role. He also kept in touch with me post the interview stages and did not leave me in the dark. I would definitely recommend Sebastian to anyone looking to transition into a new role.

Amy Lovell – Assay Development Associate

Chris reached out to me via LinkedIn about an exciting job opportunity that was well suited to my prior experience and future aspirations. He was really helpful throughout the entire process, offering advice and support, always responding quickly, and always willing to follow up with the Company. Chris was very reassuring and friendly, and I would definitely recommend him to other candidates. I am very grateful for all his help and can’t thank him enough.

Sepehr Jalali - Lead Computer Vision AI Engineer @ Nuclera

It was a pleasure working with Seb on my new role as he was very helpful throughout the whole process and was always available for helpful feedback and suggestions. Whenever there was an item to discuss that he was not sure about, he would chase the matter and get back to me with more information and was very flexible in terms of accommodating changes in the process.

Blanka K - Application Development Scientist

Chris reached out to me via LinkedIn with a job proposition. He was very supportive throughout the whole interview process and informed me of all there was to know about the company. He always explained in detail what was expected of me at different steps of the application and he also made sure to contact me prior to each discussion I had with the company. He is very easy to talk to and I really felt taken care of. I can truly recommend him as a recruiting agent.

Marco Manni - Assay Development Scientist @ Nuclera

Sebastian contacted me regarding a job offer from a Cambridge company. He took care of every step of the selection process by contacting the hiring manager, organizing the interview, and providing good advice. As soon as I was selected for the position, he quickly got in touch with me, giving me a lot of information and details about the company's benefits and future prospects. I enjoyed being in touch with him and I look forward to continuing to do so when I start working for the company.

Joshua Paolucci - Research Associate (Protein Science) @ Nuclera

Sebastian was very friendly and helpful during my application to my new role at Nuclera. As my first contact with the company, he did a lot to make me feel I would be happy there. He made me feel very welcome during every conversation we had, was flexible in organising the different interview stages, was able to thoroughly answer any question I had and gave very helpful advice for key milestones.

Oliver B - Operations Manager

Chris best was my lifeline when I was screening and interviewing hundreds of people. As an external recruiter, Chris was extremely helpful, organised and positive. Out of over 20 people I personally hired, Chris placed more than half of them in my team. Chris is very passionate about people and his approach to the customer and the people he recruited was very unique in the marketplace. Chris completely understood the needs of the business, the roles and the culture. I highly recommend Chris!

Robert Zygiel - Thin Film Deposition Technician @ Nuclera

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sebastian for the current job position I was just hired onto, as the Recruiter for said position. It was extremely refreshing talking with him over the general positions topics and requirements, along with discussing my many related job experiences for consideration. I wish the numerous amounts of interviews that I have had prior, were more comparable to the interactions Sebastian and I had! You would be hard pressed to find someone more professional and insightful, in my opinion!

Charlotte Marlborough - Graduate Engineer

Chris contacted me regarding a Graduate position and I can not recommend him highly enough. He provided me with plenty of information regarding the position and made the whole application extremely easy for me. He has been very proactive throughout the whole process and kept me informed at every stage. He was very professional and supportive throughout the application. He made a conscious effort to contact me and get a review at each stage of the process and this was greatly appreciated. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me.

Kavita – Assay Development Scientist

Seb has been fantastic to work with. Seb is just outstanding at his job. I have been consistently impressed with Seb's proactive and supportive attitude and it is something which I will always remember. He kept in contact with me throughout the recruitment process always giving solid and useful advice. Seb used to call me regularly to update me on my application at Nuclera and to see how each stage of interview went and was prompt in following up. Within two days, I had the job offer. This is all down to his highly approachable and professional nature. He is also very thorough and helpful and has your best interests in mind. Many thanks for that Seb. I highly recommend Seb and would want to work with him again.

Graduate Engineer - Haydn Trett

Chris contacted me with a job opportunity for a graduate engineer earlier this year. At every stage in the process over the next couple of months, Chris supported my application by providing information, offering his advice, keeping me updated, and passing on feedback. His support helps make the application process so much easier, and really allows you to show the best ‘you’. He makes a conscious effort at every step in the process to see how you’re getting. Any time I had any problems or questions, Chris was always just a quick phone call or email away to help. Chris is fantastic at what he does - He’s professional, proactive, attentive and enthusiastic. I would strongly recommend him to any graduate.